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Houston Gaming Expo has policies in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, exhibitors, guests, and volunteers.


  • An attendee or exhibitor badge/wristband must be worn at all times while attending HGX2023. Attendees not wearing badge/wristband will not be allowed in convention areas. Each attendee or exhibitor badge/wristband admits one person to HGX2023.

  • Once purchased, HGX2023 attendee badge/wristband is non-refundable.

  • HGX2023 will not replace lost badge/wristband. In the event of a lost badge a new one must be purchased at standard price in order to regain entry.

  • It is unlawful to duplicate or alter an HGX2023 badge/wristband. Duplicated or altered badge/wristband will be confiscated and the offending parties will be ejected from the event.



All children aged 12 and under must always be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older while on the premises of HGX2023.


HGX, the George R Brown Convention Center, nor any of their agents will not be held responsible or liable for lost belongings.


Firearms prohibited by anyone on its premises, outside of law enforcement personnel. This restriction includes both concealed and non-concealed firearms, permit or no permit.


Animals are not permitted at HGX with the exception of trained service animals.


When taking photographs or video recordings at HGX2023 please observe surrounding traffic and avoid blocking hallways and pathways for extended periods. Please be considerate and ask before taking pictures of attendees, guests, exhibitors, exhibit spaces, and volunteers.


Distribution of flyers or other promotional materials without prior approval of HGX is not permitted. Unapproved flyers and other promotional materials found on the convention premises will be discarded without notice.


The posting of and display of signage by attendees, exhibitors, or guests anywhere in the convention area without prior approval of HGX is not permitted. Offending signs will be taken down and confiscated by HGX staff without warning.

Attendees, exhibitors, and guests found in violation of this rule may be subject to badge revocation and ejection from the event at HGX’s discretion.


The following will not be tolerated at HGX2023 and may result in removal from the convention without a refund:

  • Harassment, intimidation, offensive behavior, or offensive comments

  • Any behavior putting patron safety at risk

  • Possession of illegal substances (drugs)

  • Drug or alcohol intoxication

  • Running, dancing, or rough housing

  • Stalking

  • Physical assault and/or battery

  • Non-consensual photography or video recording

  • Disruption of panels, signings, workshops, exhibitions, or any other HGX events

  • Camping or sleeping anywhere on the convention premises

  • Verbal or physical abuse of attendees, guests, exhibitors, or costumed guests (cosplayers)

  • Inappropriate physical contact or unwelcome physical attention (see also: Cosplay is Not Consent!)

HGX reserves the right to revoke without refund the membership and badge of any attendee found not in compliance with its policies. Attendees are expected to exercise common sense in public behavior, interpersonal interaction, and have respect for private property.


All costumes, costume weapons, and props must conform to state, federal, and city laws. They must also conform to these guidelines:

  • All costume props and weapons must be tagged by HGX security prior to show entry. Tagging is mandatory. After inspection all weapons will be marked to indicate they are unusable as weapons and safe for display.

  • Super-realistic military, police, or firefighter costumes will not be allowed.

  • Metal armor and shields must have dull edges so as to not potentially injure anyone.

  • Costume weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons. If the weapon is made of steel or of a similar metal (sword, spear, etc.), it must be secured inside a sheath. At no time shall a real metal weapon be removed from its sheath.

  • Costume weapons capable of firing projectiles (Nerf guns, airsoft guns, bows, etc.) MUST be rendered inoperable. Bows may be strung, but only loosely in a manner that would not allow them to be fired.

  • Projectiles of any kind are forbidden. This includes airsoft ammo, Nerf darts/arrows, water, “Exploderz”, fluids or any other substances, soft or hard, which can be fired from a weapon. Arrow props may not have tips and may not be fired.

  • If HGX staff identifies any costume prop or weapon to be dangerous at entry or at any time during the show, you will be asked to remove the offending item from the premises, or it will be confiscated. HGX reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis what is considered a prohibited costume prop or weapon.

  • If your costume prop or weapon is confiscated it will be tagged with your name and held by HGX staff. It will be returned to you once you depart the event. HGX will not be held responsible for any damage to confiscated items under its possession. When in doubt, leave it at home!

  • Do not brandish weapons or props in a threatening manner. Please be aware of how security personnel may interpret your actions in or outside of convention areas.

Violation of the above costumes, props, and weapons rules may result in ejection from HGX2023 without refund and possibly the notification of local law enforcement.


The staff of HGX2023 strives to uphold a safe environment for all fans to express themselves through cosplay. To this end, HGX has a ZERO-TOLERANCE anti-harassment policy in place that also applies to everyone attending the convention and to all staff. The following behaviors considered by HGX staff to be harassment include, but are not limited to:

  • Stalking

  • Intimidation

  • Unwelcome physical attention

  • Inappropriate physical contact

  • Offensive verbal comments

  • Physical assault and/or battery

  • Harassing or non-consensual photography or recording

  • Bathroom policing and/or eavesdropping

  • Sustained disruption of panels, signings, workshops, or other HGX events


Slurs and discrimination towards gender, gender identity/presentation, sexual orientation, age, race, body size, appearance, disability, religion, citizenship, or pregnancy are also not tolerated.

Any person found to be showing these types of behaviors will be immediately ejected from HGX2023 without refund and law enforcement authorities may be notified. If you’re a victim of harassment, please notify an HGX staff member immediately so that we may promptly resolve the situation.

HGX has a ZERO-TOLERANCE bootlegging and unlicensed materials policy. The sales and/or display of unauthorized or bootlegged material are strictly prohibited.

Only merchandise created by the artist him/herself or merchandise approved by the license holder for a depicted property that does not infringe on copyright and/or trademark laws may be sold at HGX2023.

Exhibitors and artist/creators found to be in violation of this policy may be expelled permanently from HGX2023 with no refund and will not be welcomed back at future shows. Violators may additionally be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities in attendance of the event.

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